A 3rd way to control this kind of aggression is with the long down

A 3rd way to control this kind of aggression is with the Long Down. We cannot emphasise enough the significance of this exercise.

It is a benign exercise and creates quite obviously who’s in control in a nonpunitive way. For dogs that express any sort of assertive behavior, return to this exercise and do a 30-minute Down, last thing at night, 2 or 3 times every week. It bolsters in your dog’s mind that you are in control.

The Long Down and the tug-of-war game are straightforward solutions for the good dog that gets too forceful.

Employ a muzzle : If your present position has reached the point at which you are fearful of your dog, he makes an attempt to bite you, or you cannot get him into the Down position, employ a muzzle. You can also require professional help.

When you are scared or concerned about what your dog may do if he encounters another dog or person, your feelings go straight down the leash, which may cause your dog to react in an assertive demeanour.

In a way, your troubles become a self-fulfilling prediction. You can disentangle this quandary with the utilization of a muzzle. A muzzle permits you to go out in public with your dog with no need to stress about him. A unusual thing happens to a dog while wearing a muzzle.

After you have taken away his option to bite, he does not even try. It is nearly as if he is relieved the call has been taken away from him. Even better, it lets you relax.

On the other hand, though your dog acts differently, so will folk you run into. A muzzle should be a final resort and isn’t a replacement for looking for pro help.

Employing a muzzle is a straightforward solution to a complicated problem. It takes the choice about whether to bite away from your dog and gives you confidence.

Training to a muzzle should be done slowly and softly because, initially, many dogs panic from having something around their faces. But with diligence, common-sense, and some compassion for the dog, you can teach him quite simply to accept it.

Here’s what you want to do :

one. Put the muzzle on your dog for a couple of minutes, and then take it off again.

Two. Give him a treat, and let him know what a good boy he is.

Repeat Steps one and two over the course of a few days, steadily enlarging the period of time your dog wears the muzzle. Four. When he is cosy wearing the muzzle at home, you may use it when you take him out in public.

In some Western european towns, ordinances have been passed that need certain breeds to wear muzzles in public. We have seen many of those dogs happily accompanying their owners on walks. They were well behaved and looked to be quite ok with their muzzles.

Many owners are disinclined to employ a muzzle due to the understood discredit attached to it. You’ve got to make a choice – stigma or assurance. Something else to consider : Suspect that your dog essentially bites somebody.

When you have such a straightforward solution, why take the chance?

Has the recent spate of dog food recalls gotten you paranoid about what actually goes into your best buddy’s furry body

Has the recent spate of dog food recalls gotten you paranoid about what actually goes into your best buddy’s furry body? Wondering how to make homemade dog food so you can say goodbye forever to commercial, and often harmful, ones? Here are some suggestions on how to make homemade dog food so that both you and your canine pal are worry-free, and not to mention, toxin-free. It’s a great way to bond, too.

First of all, consult your veterinarian before making any kind of switch. Know also that it will take time for your dog to get used to the new menu so introduce your homemade dog food gradually, beginning with just a tiny fraction along with the commercially bought food he is accustomed to. Then slowly decrease the commercial dog food as you increase the food you prepared yourself, until the former is completely eliminated from your pet’s diet.

To ensure that your dog gets balanced nutrition for optimum health, give your pet a mixture of 40% meat, 30% vegetables, and 30% starch. Organs like the heart, the liver, and kidneys are especially healthy for your dog.

Ground eggshells are likewise nutritious and can be blended in with his meal. A popular mix is carrot, brown rice, and ground turkey. You may also replace the turkey with ground beef, add some brewer’s yeast, and you have a whole other menu right there. Variety is good.

Buy fresh meats like lean beef, stewing meats, boneless steak or roast, boneless stewing lamb, shank, leg of lamb or butt. For poultry, buy boneless, skinless chicken breast, fillet, or thigh.

Besides rice, pasta and oatmeal are excellent sources for starch. Other than carrots, choice veggies are fresh pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes, yams, beets, parsnips, broccoli, zucchini, and cucumber. Chop them up into tiny pieces before serving.

Steer clear of peas, beans, chard, tomatoes, and bell peppers as they may bring about digestive problems or damage red blood cells. If you must use garlic, a natural flea repellant, make sure it is cooked and use it only sparingly as raw or spoiled garlic can be poisonous. Again, when in doubt, consult your vet. Avoid onions at all costs.

You can either serve the food in their natural state, or cook them lightly in a pan to prevent loss of vitamins and nutrients, so the meat’s natural juices are retained. If the veggies are a tad too hard, steam them lightly beforehand. Just don’t forget to cool the homemade dog food first before serving.

Prepare enough to last your dog two servings a day for three days. Do not exceed three days as the food will no longer be fresh by then. A good way to estimate the amount is to multiply your adult dog’s body weight by 0.4. The result is more or less the number in ounces he should be eating in a day. Once prepared, keep the food refrigerated when not in use.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Just follow these tips and learn how to make homemade dog food on your own. Your dog will love you all the more for it.

Numerous people choose to domesticate cats and dogs

Numerous people choose to domesticate cats and dogs. Both animals require living in good shelters to protect their health. Mostly, cats live in the house with humans but some dogs live in isolation outdoors. If you have a cat, the best way to keep it at one place is to buy a heated bed. The heated cat beds have many designs and sizes. Either style you pick can surely help to keep the cat around you. Cats will normally roam in the house, searching for a warm place to rest. You could nearly report a missing cat, which is simply hiding somewhere warm, indoors and outdoors.

Most of us want to hold and pamper our cats anytime we want. A heated bed is warm and once the kitty discovers it, she or he will adore the cozy bed. You will reduce the hassle of finding the cat everywhere in your home or finding him or her sleeping in odd places. Cat heated beds are many and different. The following are great picks for you:

The K&H thermo-kitty bed – This smart bed is stylish and you really need it. The bed has many advantages and features:

• This is a six inch diameter cat bed with a heater integration

• It has four-watt double thermostat, which heats up to a hundred and two degrees Fahrenheit. This is when the pet is sleeping

• When the cat is away, the bed temperature remains twelve to fifteen degrees above the normal room temperature

• This bed is flexible because you could plug it into any house outlet

• Measuring sixteen by sixteen by six inches, this bed is practical for cats of different sizes.

• It comes with a full year warranty and you can use it indoors for all seasons.

The K&H thermo-kitty fashion splash – Your pet could use these heated cat mats as heated cat beds. It has many features that make it advantageous. These include the following:

• This cat mat consists of an integrated heater and it is about seventeen-inch diameter

• It comes with a washable cover

• The mat has red, blue, purple and white colors, making it very decorative

• It is made of a cozy material

• The mat’s four-watt heater heats up to a hundred and two degrees F when the cat is sleeping on it

• This mat’s design makes it useful in the whole year and you could simply plug it into any safe house socket

• It is UL listed for safety and it comes with one year warranty

This is a very comfortable mat for your cats. The colors are lovely and your proud pet will quickly appreciate it. You will not even struggle teaching your cat to sleep over the mat. Cats love warm sleeping, especially if they are clean as well. These round mats could act as good heated cat beds for your cats. You could as well go for other designs. For example, you could buy a basin-shaped bed for your cat. The cat will love the bed because it only has to curl its body and hide in there for the whole day.

The origin of acquariums

The Origin Of Acquariums

In 1369, the Chinese Emperor, Hungwu crafted porcelain tubs in which Goldfish were kept. Over the years, these tubs became smaller and smaller until they reached the size of the Acquariums we have now. In 1841, after 500 years the world came to know of an Aquarium. At that time it was used for toy fish and different plants for an aesthetic value.

As of now, looking after an acquarium and keeping it as an aesthetic piece, is a great hobby that about 60 million people enjoy, out of which 40% have 2 tanks if not more. After stamp collecting, this could be the next best hobby that people have taken to.

Acquariums As An Aesthetic Piece

Once people set up an Acquarium, they feel the need to make it look as beautiful as possible.. Plants, rocks and driftwood are used to make it look as attractive as possible. It should be noted that the fish in the tank should be comfortable with the plants. In order to do this, it is best to make a study of the environment of the fish and choose plants accordingly.

It is a great idea to use living plants – the manner in which they float is a pleasure to watch. But there are some herbivorous fish that thrive on living plants,so if that is the case, you should consider using artificial plants instead. There are innumerable varieties available, and they look so real that sometimes it is impossible to tell the difference.

Driftwood is extremely popular for saltwater acquariums. The only trouble is that it is very costly, and so many people go to the beach to get them. If that is the case, ensure that you wash the driftwood thoroughly, and keep it in a quarantine tank instead of the main one – do this for at least 2 weeks, so that you can match the PH levels. Also rocks could be used to hold the driftwood down.

While using rocks, there are some rocks with very sharp ends – this can be harmful to the fish and cut it’s belly which is very tender. The idea is to keep the fish as safe as possible. If you are putting a cluster of rocks together, you will need to glue them with safe silicone, so that they don’t come apart and hurt the fish. Also, soft rocks are not advisable as they break up in the water. The fish need to be safe, so you will need to provide the ambience while keeping in mind that the fish remain comfortable.

Once you have completed acquascaping your saltwater acquarium, maybe you could consider entering an acquascaping contest which would add to your pleasure.

It is safe to say that dog crates should not be used as instruments for punishing the dogs, rather such crates should serve as havens for dogs — private dens that should stand the test of time and provide support to the dogs’ need for a shelter, a sleeping area, or a safe and comfortable playpen

It is safe to say that dog crates should not be used as instruments for punishing the dogs, rather such crates should serve as havens for dogs — private dens that should stand the test of time and provide support to the dogs’ need for a shelter, a sleeping area, or a safe and comfortable playpen.

Dogs, by instinct, want a territory of their own. In the same manner, dogs opt for a clean and dry sleeping area, which only specially-designed crates can ably offer. In this regard, dog crates made of sturdy materials are of great help in protecting the dogs from playful children and any untoward incident. However, depending on the purpose of the den and the dog’s size, there is a specific type of dog crate that can ably cater to your pet’s needs. As such, you may choose from crates made from plastic or wire that come in various sizes and designs that should fit in your car or home.

On the other hand, dog crates are also used to train pups, specially the active ones. So indeed, dog crates are of great help both to the owner and the dog.

Hence, you should put dog crates among the top items on your purchase list. Consider the following when choosing which crate to buy:

1. The crate must have sufficient movement space for your pet. A crate which tends to suffocate your dog due to its limited space should be crossed out from your options. The crate should allow your pet to breathe and move in any direction. However, it is ideal that you get the crate that has an expandable feature. This way, it can accommodate your growing pup and save you money as you don’t have to purchase a bigger one.

2. The crate must be made of durable materials, guarantees protection, and carries a fine design. As in the case of any other implement for dogs, the crate should allow for many years of use. Check out if the crate has sturdy wire frames — the spaces between the frames should not invite any untoward incident like your pet’s paws getting caught in them as this may cause injury.

The crate’s overall design should be well done. For one, you should take note if the crate’s floor is raised or solid. For one, the former type can ably give your pet an elevated floor, thus providing you a space for any pan-like for catching water, food, or waste to prevent the said items from accumulating in the crate. Also, examine the doors. Avoid doors with spring as these may injure your pet’s paws or hurt its tail when the door suddenly shuts while your pet is yet trying to step in the crate. Moreover, take note of any pointed edge that can injure your dog.

3. The crate must be easy to clean. The same with a pet bed, a dog crate that can be washed within minutes is also an ideal purchase. Remember that dogs hate dirty, wet surfaces. Hence, check out if the crate is washable as this will not pose as a hassle on your part in maintaining the cleanliness of your pet and its haven.