Leopard geckos are fascinating reptiles which make excellent pets; however, they do need the same things as any other pet: plenty of love and care

Leopard geckos are fascinating reptiles which make excellent pets; however, they do need the same things as any other pet: plenty of love and care. This includes making sure that you provide them with a diet that keeps them happy, healthy members of your family.

In the wild, leopard geckos are insectivorous – their diet consists almost entirely of insects and bugs. You should feed your pet gecko the same sort of diet to keep them in good health. In fact, before you even adopt a leopard gecko as a pet, you need to be certain that you can supply them with the food they need. If your local pet shop deals in reptiles, then they may carry the food your gecko needs. If not, you can also shop for insects to feed your leopard gecko online.

To learn about the foods which you should feed your gecko, continue reading this article – we’ll list some of the best foods (and one treat) for your new pet.

Before we begin, there’s one important rule of thumb about feeding your pet leopard gecko you should know about – you shouldn’t feed your gecko anything which is longer than its body or more than half as wide as its head.

-Crickets: These are relatively easy to come by and inexpensive. Along with mealworms, crickets can form the basis of your leopard gecko’s regular diet. There are many different types of cricket available, but black crickets are usually the best. These insects are slower moving than some other species, so they’re easier for your pet to catch and are also nutritious.

-Mealworms: These are also nutritious food for leopard geckos. Along with crickets, this is one of the best things to feed your pet. It is believed by many experts that geckos who are fed primarily mealworms tend to have longer life spans. The most nutritious mealworms for your leopard gecko and the easiest to digest are newly molted worms.

-Slkworms: These worms are more difficult to come by than are mealworms and are more expensive as well. However, they are a great addition to your leopard gecko’s diet if you can find them – they are a great source of protein and nutrients. Remember not to buy these worms in large quantities however, since they live at most two weeks.

-Locusts: These large insects are great food for a mature gecko, though generally too large for a young gecko to be able to eat safely. These are somewhat expensive insects to buy, but are very rich sources of protein which should be fed to your leopard gecko occasionally if you can find them.

-Wax Worms: These are meant as a treat for your gecko instead as a staple of their diet. These worms are very high in fat and your leopard gecko will love you for feeding these to them, but in order to keep your leopard gecko in good health, don’t feed them more than one or two of these worms per week.

How frequently and how much you feed your pet leopard gecko will vary depending on their age. A mature leopard gecko should be fed between four and ten insects (depending on size) every two or three days. A hatchling or young gecko which is still growing, however will need more frequent meals; four to eight insects or worms daily.

You should feed your gecko its meals all at once instead of spreading them out and try to feed them after dusk whenever possible – this is when a gecko naturally hunts, so feed them when nature intended and you’ll have a happier, healthier pet.

We are Leopard Gecko enthusiasts who were tired of finding incomplete information about our pet Geckos. We enlisted the help of some serious gecko enthusiasts,breeders,owners, and veterinarians who helped us compile information for people who just wanted to know how to take care of their Leopard Geckos knowledgeably and safely. Please visit our website Leopard Gecko Food to learn every thing you need to know.


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