Well, who do you ignore for improved dog barking control

Well, who do you ignore for improved dog barking control?

You can ignore yourself or at least your own sanity and let your dog continue his or her  behavior or you could ignore your dog. This may not be as straight forward as it sounds and there is some doggie psychology involved here.

Many years ago I owned a dog that kept barking. Barked to go out, barked to come in, barked when she wanted food, barked at birds in the garden and barked from the top of the stairs whenever someone walked past the house then she would tear down the stairs jumping up at the window to ensure any passers by were aware of her existence and did not dare come anywhere near the house.

Now, before we carry on, let me explain that dogs use their barking to communicate and that not all barking is bad behavior. Imagine living with people that cannot speak your language. You have no one to tell your problems to and no easy way to ask for help with things you are unable to do on your own.

Can you imagine the frustration that would bring, every day of your life living with people that cannot really understand you.

You may ask ‘food please’, ‘drink please’, ‘toilet please’ and although each phrase is different to you all they hear is ‘gruntplease’ because they do not understand the words you are using.

In other words a similar sound is coming from you all the time and this would become very annoying to them and frustrating for you.

This is how your dog feels. Try to understand their different barks and accompanying actions as they may be genuinely asking for something they rely on you to give them. The obvious example here is to be let out to go to the toilet, this cannot be ignored as to do so would be cruel. So, if your pet is barking make certain it is not for a necessity before deciding upon your next course of action.

Back to the story. My dog was becoming a real problem with her persistent barking. Each barking problem, though, requires a different approach and there are too many resolutions to mention here. However, there was one problem that became exceptionally annoying. Seeking attention.

Your dog believes you are quite at liberty to go about your everyday business as long as little Fido is happily amused chasing birds, seeing off the delivery boy or sleeping. Once these little pastimes come to an end where does little Fido go for his next fun fix?

You of course. Who plays the best games, throws the ball the furthest, makes a good tug-of-war opponent – its you again.

So how does little Fido get you to play?

That’s easy, he just has to bark. That is exactly what my dog used to do. When she was bored she would bark at me until I stopped what I was doing and played with her.

Is this something you are familiar with?

I stated earlier that a key issue in dog barking control was to ignore your barking pet but with a subtle difference. So what is that subtle difference?

If your pet is barking for attention you must first make certain it is not something urgent such as the need to go toilet, as stated earlier. Next, if you are certain your pet is just pestering for attention, you must ignore them. Here’s the twist.

Don’t just ignore them until they stop barking, that’s highly unlikely to happen and you will get fed up with the barking before they do. What you should do is turn away from them so that they cannot make eye contact. They will most likely come around to your other side to face you but you must make the deliberate move to turn your back on them again. Do not talk to your dog or look at him just show you are not interested and, if necessary, walk away.

Initially your pet will not understand this sudden change and may bark louder and longer to attract your attention but be persistent.

Do not give in and eventually the message will get through. Once the barking stops and your pet settles down allow 15 minutes or so and then you may wish to play with them but make certain enough time has passed for them not to mistake the play as a reward for barking, Play on your terms, when you decide, not on their terms when they decide.

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