The mother, as well as his brothers and sisters, have already had a great deal to do with developing your puppy’s personality long before you acquire him

The mother, as well as his brothers and sisters, have already had a great deal to do with developing your puppy’s personality long before you acquire him.

If mom was a dog that barked to get attention, then her pups will probably do the same thing. Between three and twelve weeks is an unhealthy time to try to develop a dogs personality.

Eight weeks of age is the best time to get your puppy. Giving him the most varying experiences in the following month will assure a fruitful and satisfying training program for both of you.

Make sure that your pup meets a wide variety of people during this month. Take him with you whenever possible, unless the vet tells you otherwise, to friends houses and just for rides.

Let him play with other dogs if you know they are healthy, and allow him to meet children and other adults whenever possible. Provide your pup with lots of toys, this provides a lot of mental and physical motivation, which puppies need.

Figure out which are his favorite toys and plan to use them at play time. This is when his background training starts. While playing with your puppy, pay attention, if he begins to sit, issue the sit command, when he follows the command, praise and reward him.

Playing is healthy for your puppy, but you should always be in control of these games. This day award him when he does something that he has been commanded to do.

Rewards should include stroking and petting, rather than just food, as you do not want him to grow up thinking he should only obey when offered food.

Dogs retain the activities they are raised with. If they are carried everywhere as puppies, they will believe that when they need comfort as an adult, they should be carried.

Puppies require lots of attention between 3 and 12 weeks, this allows them to grow into adept adults.

One person in the family should be the mother since puppies learn by watching their mother. Try to keep the amount of fear they feel to a minimum, fear learned as a puppy can develop into phobias later in life.

Raising a well adjusted puppy will make his and your life better.

Crate training and kennel intimacy mean the same thing; what you call it is your choice. A crate may look like a wire pen or a plastic travel case; this is up to you.

Adopted dogs may have a more difficult time accepting this type of training, but it is seldom difficult to teach a puppy. There are several advantages to this that you may not be aware of:

When your dog is crate trained, it is easier for him to travel; they are much more comfortable and relaxed.

It is an easy way to contain your dog until his regular training is complete.

A dog who has been crate trained all their life, may find it to be a favorite place.

I recognize that one of the biggest mistakes I have made in training my dog was to never crate train her. When we moved, she was required to be in a crate to fly and it was very stressful for both of us. I should never own a dog that is not crate trained.

Their crate should never be used as a form of discipline; it should always be a place where they are happy, blessed and safe.

To start this training, put comfortable bedding, a toy and a food treat in the crate, leave the door open in an area the puppy frequents. His curiosity will influence him into the crate without you having to force him.

While he plays in the crate close the door for a few minutes to get him accustomed to the door being closed. When he has gotten used to going into the crate on his own, teach him using the verbal command ‘go to bed’ or ‘go to your crate’. He will eventually learn the command if you give it each time he heads for the crate.

Never crate the puppy for more than a couple of hours a day, and always exercise him before he goes in. Play with him and praise him when he is taken out of the crate and immediately take him outside to take care of his business.

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