The amount and type of care necessary to maintain a healthy aquarium and avoid goldfish diseases will depend both on the type (saltwater or fresh water) and size of the tank and the number and type of fish that it contains

The amount and type of care necessary to maintain a healthy aquarium and avoid goldfish diseases will depend both on the type (saltwater or fresh water) and size of the tank and the number and type of fish that it contains. In general, after the initial startup period, regular aquarium maintenance should be fairly straightforward. In fact, an aquarium that is properly set up should eventually reach a state of balance that requires only routine maintenance.

Water Quality: The Key To Goldfish Health

Regardless of the style of fish tank, the type of fish it contains or the theme your aquarium follows, it is absolutely essential that you maintain the proper water balance. If you equate your aquarium to a swimming pool for your fish you will quickly understand what happens if you don’t test the water regularly. The swimming pool will quickly fill wish algae and create a poisonous environment for your fish.

Many pet stores will be happy to test your aquarium water free of charge if you’d rather not tackle this job yourself, however, you’re first guide to a problem with your tank is usually visual. Look at your tank and your fish every day and you’ll identify goldfish diseases and an unhealthy tank quickly. If you get your tank water tested at your local pet store you will build a rapport with the staff and you’ll find them helpful if you require medication for your fish or treatments for your aquarium. Generally, however, it is best to avoid adding unnecessary chemicals to your tank and they can unbalance the water and lead to further problems. Your pet store will usually test your water for free and recommend solutions for problems when they arise, as well as offer advice on the basics of fish tank care.

As a basic rule you will need to always de-chlorinate water when topping up the aquarium, and monitor the pH, ammonia and nitrate levels. These easy steps will go a long way to reducing goldfish diseases.

In addition to monitoring the water quality, avoid falling prey to some of the common misconceptions about goldfish and aquarium care. Contrary to popular belief, you will not need to drain the fish tank of all its water, scrub it and refill it with fresh water. Although this approach may make sense at an intuitive level, it is not the right approach. First, removing fish from the tank is traumatic for your tank’s inhabitants. Second, no soap or other cleaner should be used on the inside of a fish tank. Soap residue is almost impossible to remove completely from the walls of the tank and it will contaminate the water.

A properly maintained and balanced tank will essentially look after itself and will require very little care. Partial water changes every week or so, water testing and watching your fish is about all you should need to do under normal circumstances. At the first sign of distressed fish it is important to identify goldfish diseases and remove sick goldfish to a separate tank so they don’t spread disease amongst the rest of the fish.

Lastly, make sure your aquarium has a proper filtration unit installed. Your pet shop will be able to advise of the right size of filter for the size of the tank and the number of fish it supports. Circulating and oxygenating the water are crucial to the health of the tank and the survival of your goldfish. Proper circulation ensures waste products are removed from the system and helps prevent the formation of algae.

Following these simple guidelines will ensure you can gain all the benefits of aquarium ownership and the enjoyment that a tank of healthy fish provides.

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