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Barrel race?
does it matter the age of the horse you are training for barrel racing? is 8 too ripened? i want to train my horse to barrel race but i don’t know how or if i can. i can’t catch a trainer (i don’t have money(i’m only 11))…

Barrel racers look at this?
How much would you pay for this colt DAM:… SIRE:… DO you think that would be a good cross?

Heyy, I have a new 4yr. old colt here, and I am training him to do Barrel race. I want to know what Age Do you Retire your Barrel Racer from Racing? Also what is an Average Time to finish the Race. my Fiend Barrel…

Barrel Racing…Tips please?
I have been wanting to do barrel race for a long time,I have the horse,and the saddle,and i just need some tips!

Barrel see interview (on training)?
when I trot the barrels, my horse always goes wide and most of the time speeds up on the moment barrel. I start from the right barrel like most associates do. Does anyone else have this problem? how do you fix it? why does he do this?…

Based on my horse’s conformation, what discipline would he excel surrounded by?
He is a 6 yr. old Thoroughbred Gelding and I would like to know, based on his conformation, what discipline (s) he would excel at. Thanks!

Basic horsey first aid gear?
Ok so I just moved and now have no first aid tackle and I wanted to start compiling one. I have a list of a few of the open to the elements necessities that I know that I need but what else? Other items are welcome but…

Basic on a daily basis “schedule” for a horse?
I’ve owned a horse before, but I didn’t keep it on my property. I boarded it somewhere, so they took care of the feed and everything. Can someone give me a basic schedule of what I requirement to do with my horse throughout the day? How often…

Basically, what is afiliated showjumping?
ive been showjumping unafiliated locally for ages and would like to move up to afiliated. the only problem is, i dont own a clue what that means! whats afiliated showjumping? and how do i go about getting afiliated? and what are approaching the steps, from local shows…

Bates saddles-hate or love…?
Has anyone ever used the Bates Close Contact Saddle with the Cair panals? or even just a Bates saddle i general? I’m thinking in the order of test riding one, and I wanted to know if you guys loathed it or loved it. Thanks!

Bathing contained by the winter?
I have a show coming up in January, and my horse is alwready a mess. When the time comes to get her in position, should I bathe her or not? Any suggestions on what else to do to get her cleaned up and ‘show worthy’?Thanks guys!(No negative…

Becoming a horse trainer?
I’m in college right now, but it’s too far from home for me at this time. I’d resembling to be closer to my fiance in the 6 months before we get married. But the town he’ll be living contained by (which is my hometown) doesn’t have a…

Bed-Sore Boots Question?
Okay so i know what bed sore boots are and what they are for but is it okay for your horse to wear them whenever they are turned out AND when they are in their stall? Why or why not?

Behavioral problems contained by a bright place? ?
I’m having behavioral problems with my mare. She’s about 7 or 8 years prehistoric and I’ve only had her since last November. I’m unmarked to horses, I’ve only been seriously riding since last summer. I’ve never have any big issues with her before, except that she would…

Belgian owners please answer?
im thinking about purchasing a belgian or belgian cross. just wondering what people who own them mull over of their tempermants and so on. how much does it cost for shoes for you? (i live in oregon if that helps) about how much more would you speak…

Bell boots.?
What are the best bell boots you have used? why? I’m going to be using them for show jumping and cross country.

Bending a horse around turns?
I have a seven year old quarter horse gelding, (16.1 hands). He used to be a trail horse so he is well broke but lacks some finesse. When he lopes/canters around a turn his go before will follow the correct path but his back partly will fly…

Best Bridle to buy? HELP??????
IM getting a bridle but all of its pieces are sold separately, (the bit, reins, etc.) so that would cost me around $300. im buying a bridle for Western pleasure/Trail and im wondering if that is a obedient price to spend on my leather bridle. The bits…

Best food for a horse that have be out of work for over a year?
I have just rehomed a horse from a sanctuary, and although he is very overweight he have no condition to him at all as he has not been worked or have ANYTHING done with him for over a year now. He will be living out as this…

Best grease for calories…?
What do you think is the best oil for putting on horse feed to impart them extra calories. I’m currently using wheat germ oil, but I’m planning on changing to corn grease. What do you think about corn oil?

Best heated bucket for horse barn?
Does anybody know much about heated water buckets for horses. We are in the process of building our barn, and will be moving the horses surrounded by before this winter. We would like to get heated buckets, but own worries about the cords being chewed on. One…

Best hoof conditioner…?
What is the best hoof conditioner that you have used? I love Rainmaker, but I’m thinking about trying something different because I love using new things.

Best horse boots.?
What are the best horse boots and bell boots you have used? Why? And would you use bell boots on a horse with shoes all around that does eventing and hunter jersey? why? thanks!

Best opening to verbs up a alien leather latigo?
It’s so hard to cinch up because the leather is so tough.

Best place to provide ability english saddle?
Saddle fitter just came, and said there is no course my saddle is ever going to fit my horse. I decided to keep the horse, although it was a tough result :PIt’s a County Stabilizer – my concern is being able to get a clad price in…

Best road to remove bots?
Just bought a gelding whom is covered with bots. Have wormed with Ivermectin would like some concept to make it easier to remove the many bots. Have used the razor but within are so many. Have any of you found something to use before…

Best saddle.?
What is the best kind of saddle for eventing? I doesn’t have to be an eventing saddle, and it doesn’t need to be for elevated level eventing.

Best state for horse property?
Hi, I am looking into buying horse property in a couple years, and was wondering what state would be best/cheapest. want something no too rural – within 30 minutes of a big city. Not a mountainous region, and not tons of snow within the winter – at…

Best time/way to apply ‘hoof black’?
For my AQHA shows, I’m planning on using hoof black/hoof polish but want it to look really clean and professional. What is the best way/time to apply on my horse? Thanks.

Best/Favorite riding helmet (for long oval head)?
I need a new helmet and I have a long lead. Most helmets don’t list what head shape they fit. What are your favs that should fit well? I newly bought a Troxel Legacy Gold and it is tight in the forehead and…

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